Legend of Creation

According to Maori Legend the beginning of time was empty, Maori people called this period Te Kore, which means “the nothing”, out of this nothingness came darkness Te po, or Te Po Nui, the great night. Into Te Po appeared two gods, Rangi(nui) the sky father and Papa(tuanuku) the earth mother, when Rangi and Papa came together the sky and earth became one. Together they had 6 children:

Tane(mahuta) the god of forests and birds.
Tawhiri(matea) the god of weather.
Haumia the god of wild and uncultivated foods.
Rongo the god of peace and cultivated foods.

Tu(Matauenga) the god of war.
Tangaroa the god of the sea and fish.

The Divide

Living between Rangi and Papa was very hard, the years of constant darkness and confined space had taken its toll on the children, finally when they could take no more, they called a meeting. Tu was first to speak “Once they feel the blows of my patu they will soon loosen their grip and we’ll be free to walk upright and greet Tamanuitera, the sun.

Tawhiri disagreed for he did not mind living between his parents he could ask his father for advice and talk to his mother when he needed “How dare you, how could you even think of hurting our parents, they nurtured you and this is how you repay them?

The children bowed their heads in shame, all except for Tu who stood his ground “This is the only way!” Tu said as he raised his patu to strike his parents,

No!” screamed Tawhiri he jumped at Tu and began grappling him in the darkness.

Stop fighting!” shouted Tane as he rose up from the ground “This will not solve our problem, I’m sorry Tawhiri but we the majority can no longer live like this, I will separate them without causing harm if I can

Tane made himself very small and slipped between his parents, with his shoulders braced against Papa and his feet against Rangi he pushed and pushed he rose as strong as a kauri tree forcing the two lovers apart.

Tawhiri roared with fury unleashing multiple tornadoes but it was too late, with Rangi and papa separated light began to fill the world.

Tane separates Rangi and Papa